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About W. Russell Corker, P.C

Law Office of W. Russell Corker, P.C.

My life as a trial lawyer began in 1973 while still a student at Boston University School of Law where, as part of a special trial advocacy program, I was permitted to litigate cases in the District Courts of Boston. During law school, I also interned at the United States Attorney’s Office in Boston for two years, where I assisted in and observed many trials. Upon my graduation in 1974, I moved to Long Island and took a position as an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County. Initially I started in traffic court, trying twenty or more cases a day. That experience let me move through the ranks to eventually prosecute major felonies.

In 1978, I moved from criminal law to the civil side, taking a position as a trial attorney for a firm that exclusively represented physicians and hospitals in medical malpractice lawsuits. Medical malpractice litigation was still relatively uncommon at that time. Over the next thirty plus years, the area of law known as medical malpractice litigation continued to change along with the American culture.  In 1980, my career path changed again when I switched sides and began representing patients in medical malpractice lawsuits. I took a position as the principal trial attorney for a major Long Island plaintiff’s firm. From then until now, my practice has been focused primarily on representing patients and their families in medical malpractice lawsuits and severe personal injury cases. During this period, I also began taking classes at night at local universities in the field of medicine and the human body, which I did for the next five years. I remained with that firm until 2012, when I opened my own office on Main Street in Huntington Village, five blocks from my home, and a second office on Franklin Avenue in Garden City, to continue representing primarily victims of medical malpractice.

In 1980, I also began lecturing to the legal profession, and have continued to do so on a regular basis. I have taught trial practice, medicine, principles of persuasion, courtroom technology, and a host of other subjects to thousands of lawyers over the succeeding 34 years.  I have always been committed to sharing what I have learned with other lawyers in order to benefit their clients and our judicial system. Teaching others has the added advantage of keeping me abreast of current trends and techniques in my field, and I continuously strive to be a better trial attorney. While I have received a number of honors during my career — such as Best Lawyers in New York, New York Metro Super Lawyers, the highest rating by Martindale Hubbell, and Ten Leaders in Civil Trial Practice on Long Island — I am most proud of being an active member of the legal community. I am honored by being consistently asked to chair and speak at programs to teach practicing lawyers to become better trial attorneys.

I consider the personal relationship between the client and myself to be critical part of litigation. Since beginning my career, I have always considered it important to be actively involved with every case that I might ultimately take to trial. While most firms relegate many tasks associated with litigation — such as interviewing the client, directing medical record processing and review, depositions and trial preparation, to paralegals and junior attorneys — I have always considered such responsibilities to be the essence of doing it the right way. I have always considered it a priority to directly interact with my clients from the very beginning of the case until the matter is concluded. All of my clients come to me because, for most of them, they have experienced one of the worst events in their lives; their worlds have been turned upside down. They are often lacking in answers as to why such a thing has happened. My responsibility is to help guide them from this rocky shore, across a wide lake, to the safety and calm on the other side. Litigation is an intense experience, so it is critical that I have a special relationship and cooperation directly with all of my clients. To maintain the level of interaction necessary, I limit the number of cases that I put into litigation so that I can personally handle each case. It is important to not only seek fair and just compensation for the losses sustained by my clients, but help them to begin the long and difficult process of healing after such a dramatic loss. Guidance, education, experience and trust is what you can expect form me as your attorney. After many years of being a trial attorney, I still enjoy my work as much now as I ever have and hope to continue to represent my clients for many years to come.